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Philosophy and manifestations on
Creative process and scientific methods in art, painting, music, amd performance for
2015 - early 2016 body of works

Jeff Parrott's new body of work, "The Universe Is A Room We All Live In and I
Am A Modern Shaman And We Are All Aliens", considers abstraction and
painting in relationship to the time and space.
My art transliterates my relationship to my settings, my natural environment and
my working relationship in my studio of isolation and ritual. These new paintings
have depth of color and enchanting forms with their shapes racing through
psychological states and dimensions battling other dimensions of reality. I
transcribe one brush stroke to the next charting my mind’s eye with and through
my hand and fingers onto paper or canvas. These spurting contours seem to
develop from a fury of the unconscious processes from my brain. They begin
transforming themselves and multiplying one layer upon another.
While working, I enjoy watching the contours, colors, textures and shapes evolve,
cultivate and develop. To me, it seems as if some shapes are nearly invisible and
yet parts of them seem as if they are part of microscopic organisms that are visibly
difficult to see. However, at the same time, they seem to give me a sense of
sentiment and are a transcendent presence in my studio.
In this room considered to me to be a reality, I love to create a compendium of
signs, symbols, and nonsensical patterns, equations and creatures that end up
morphing onto my canvas. For some, these patterns and shapes may appear to
visualize tentacles, weird extensions, voids, and other dimensional empty spaces,
or even eyes watching and seeing. Of course, for some, they will see something
quite different. As the old saying, “Art is in the Eye of the Beholder”. All in all, I
see what I see. (Psychedelic creatures with extra-hyper awareness frantically
moving in space reflecting their noise of existence.)
Truthfully, to me, my paintings are from the unknown - that way they will be
known. The creatures I create and the worlds they live in, are records of unseen
dimensions of phenomena and places. Now, they are given a home to live.
Jeff Parrott b. 1983, Dallas, Texas) lives and works in Dallas. He earned his MFA
(2012) from the Art Institute of Chicago and BFA (2010) from Texas a & M
Commerce. He has exhibited in a number of institutions and galleries, New
American Paintings, “Out of Commerce at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary,
a one-person exhibit titled, “Bio Landscapes” and Texas Art Now at Fort Worth
Community Arts Center, Surface and Mark at El Centro College, and the Bath
House Cultural Center’s, This was his third year to participate in “ART For
ADVOCACY”,Gesunthieit Institue, Patch Adams M.D., Exhibited at Jokai Club,
Budapest, Hungarian Multicultural Center, OZORA Festival, Ozora, Dádpuszta,
Hungary, In 2015 was artist-in-residence at Hungarian Multicultural Center in
Budapest, Hungary.

"The Universe Is A Room We All Live In and IAm A Modern Shaman And We Are All Aliens"
, considers abstraction and painting in relationship to the time and space.
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