• Events 2017

    Events 2017

    (Dallas, TX) Ro2 Art is excited to present Jeff Parrott’s solo exhibition Psyexpression Manifesto, the artist’s incarnation of the idea that “our minds [create] raw reality in data imagery sound and thought. Recording the data is the human code of reality. By expression of painting one’s mind through MANIFESTING, one’s Imp/Expressionism’s create reality into a new paradigm of dimension and awareness.”

    The often uncanny, capricious, mercurial entities and otherworldly creatures “stuck in a place in space, stuck in a state of frenzy” themes in Jeff Parrott’s works have in common the artist’s fascination with anything created, whether animate or inanimate. Parrott is known for his bright colors, strange psychedelic images, psyche, painting the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconsciou